VerdigrisData Viz

UX/UI Designer
Challenge At Verdigris, a key customer and investor had requested an engaging data visualization of building energy that could be shown in their corporate HQ's lobby. The idea of a lobby dashboard had been floating around for a while at Verdigris, and these seemed like an opportune time to invest in building it.

Unlike the web analytics product, the goal of the lobby dashboard was to be a "flashy" data viz that would showcase Verdigris' ability to collect and display energy data in real-time, at a very granular level.

The data in a building's lobby dashboard would be unique to the installation configuration for that very building.

Working with our Partnerships and Biz Dev mManager, Front End Engineer, and Visual Designer, I gathered specifications to create the UX/UI and direct visuals for the final result.

Early sketches

First version high fidelity mock up for customer review

Revised concept, after customer feedback

Second high fidelity mockup (NOTE: produced by our Visual Designer, but I’m including it here for continuity)

Screen capture of the live, production lobby dashboard using real data. Changes between v2 mockup and production version were decided via collaborative feedback cycle among Web Developer, Visual Designer, and myself.