ProteusBehavioral Change Concept

Design and proposal for a medical behavioral change app that helps patients adhere to new medicine-taking routines.

Design Researcher, UX Design
Challenge Envision a 12-week engagement product for the Proteus platform, that helps patients adhere to their new medication routine.

Time allotted for project: 10 weeks

As the Design Researcher, I lead this project in partnership with a junior Experience Designer, but all the work you see below are documents, mockups, and wireframes I created myself.

It was a circuitous and iterative process between hypothesis development and testing through research and design. You’ll see a sample of my work below.

I created our 12 week project schedule and presented it to our VP of UX Design for approval.

An outline of our concepts for the engagement program and framework, in presentation format.

Patients don’t stick with new medicine routines for multiple reasons, but primarily these 3 reasons. Our behavioral change product would have different courses of action for each 3 cases.

We read clinical studies around medication adherence and behavior change, and looked at the competitive landscape.

I also planned and arranged interviews with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in behavioral change.

Visualizing our concepts: introducing a friendly mascot and a simple quiz onboarding experience, to understand which of the 3 support types, and in which combo, the patient needs.

Recommended “treatment” modules addressing the different support types.

The final presentation to the Head of Product was well-received and met with enthusiasm.