VerdigrisEnergy Tracker App

Customer discovery and product design for a new platform to deliver energy and facility management capabilities

Experience Designer, Design Researcher, Product Owner
Challenges When I arrived at Verdigris, the company had a dashboard application that was supposed to be the MVP… However, NONE of their beta customers were using it.

The problem was that people like the idea of energy intelligence but they don’t want to do any of the work – they have a day job, and it is not “Data Analyst”.

In addition, halfway through this project, our first Product Designer left.
Process For the full story, check out my Medium post.
Regarding the Design Team, I championed the need for a Visual Designer with a strong graphic design background, who could help us develop the tone and look of the Energy Tracker App.

In just 4 short weeks, we sped through nearly 100 resume reviews, an on-site recruiting event, and hired our first Visual Designer. I'm proud to say that she's been a strong hire all around, and her work enables me as the UX designer to produce high fidelity mockups that are consistent in appearance and completed at a more rapid pace.

I often require/encourage coworkers from other teams (Machine Learning, Web Engineering, etc) to join me on research trips. Field visits allowed us to see how Chief Engineers work and what their daily environment was like.

I documented responses from customer surveys and interviews, and in collaboration with the product team, grouped themes into feature ideas and user flows.

A diagram I created to help others in the company understand our product ecosystem.

It’s important to remember why each product is uniquely differentiated, to reduce clutter and confusion for users and reduce development redundancies.

Some early sketches and notes, though I regret not capturing more of those for you to see!

Iterations show the original “bug tracker” interface, evolving into something less technical and data heavy.

New possibilities for the Tracker home screen

Outcomes Current and potential customers who have seen the Energy Tracker express excitement about the capabilities of this new product.

We continue to evolve and build new features into the Tracker platform, including an “Auto Setpoint Tracker”, the first-ever AI-based product feature at Verdigris. The company plans to differentiate itself from other energy management solutions through our AI capabilities–so this is a huge step for Verdigris.

“Auto Setpoint Tracker” uses proprietary AI algorithms to identify abnormal energy patterns and send notifications to users. Instead of users having to tell us what to track, our AI does it for them, reducing the time-effort burden on customers.